Fitting Your Bar Stools to Your Perfect Home Aesthetic

Fitting Your Bar Stools to Your Perfect Home Aesthetic

When you are designing your dream home, each item you choose needs to go with your vision. Whether that means perfectly matching or eclectically mismatched is up to you, but finding the ideal furniture and décor is always important. This is especially true when it comes to bar stools in your home! Bar stools can become a centerpiece for your dining area and a conversation starter for guests, so choosing the right ones to match your home’s aesthetic is serious business. We here at Homekoko have a great selection and will be happy to give you some tips on finding your perfect bar stools.

Tip 1. Look for adjustable height bar stools.

Counter height and bar height will be different in every home, so finding bar stools that can adjust to fit your space will come in so handy if you ever need to move. Typically, bar heights range from 40”-42” in height, while counters are in the 36”-39” range. You generally want at least 9” between the seat of the stool and the counter in order to have space for comfort. Most of our bar stools at Homekoko are adjustable, so no matter the style or color you are looking for you can find a perfect match for your home.

Tip 2. Find the perfect color.

Color is a major part of design, both for the aesthetic as well as psychologically. If you want to keep neutral, you can find grays or blacks or whites. If your home calls for a pop of color, well we have that too! Psychologically, colors in the blue family will add a calming aura to a space, while pops of color like yellow or orange will add vibrancy and cheer, and reds will add a hint of energy or passion to your design. You do need to keep your lifestyle in mind as you choose colors, though. If you have a pet or kids, or you are just a foodie, maybe white chairs won’t be the best option for your home.

Tip 3.  Pick your chair style to match the décor.

If you have a very modern style home, you want your bar stool to match up, right? Take a look at the general style of your home and see what would fit best. You can go modern and simple, or you can go shell back for some more flair. You can choose armless or not, you can go backless or not, depending on the level of comfort you are looking for. At Homekoko, we offer a wide variety of backed bar stools to make sure you are always comfortable.


While there are plenty of other tips that we could offer for picking out the perfect bar stool for your home’s aesthetic, these are our top 3 that we would recommend prioritizing.

Whatever style your home has, the right bar stool can become the cherry on top of your design. Come visit our site when you are ready to take the plunge and pick out your perfect bar stools !

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