Fun Tips & Tricks To Add Color To Your Kitchen

Fun Tips & Tricks To Add Color To Your Kitchen

Kitchens, the heart of a home, are a place where you cook routine meals, bake for leisure, and bond with family every now and then — and that’s exactly why they deserve all the extra attention when it comes to decor and interior design. 

If not a major renovation, why not give your kitchen (and your home’s favorite gathering spot) an instant facelift with a super quick and affordable color makeover? Continue scrolling to learn more! 

Find Creative Spaces For A Fresh Lick of Paint 

A fresh lick of paint can definitely revamp any room, but adding paint in creative ways to unexpected surfaces in the kitchen can create a huge difference. The sides of a kitchen island, for example, a statement backsplash or even the ceiling, can greatly benefit from a soothing hue. Think of bright shades like bold olive green or poppy red for the backsplash, and balance this out with neutral colors like mint green, pastel pink, or pale aqua for the island sides. 

Besides, a mint green bamboo bread box may change the style of your kitchen immediately. There are also black and brown colors to match different home styles including vintage,farmhouse and modern styles.

Pro Tip: You can get a little more adventurous with the backsplash by opting for ceramic tile or glass tile instead of paint, or you can even opt for a removable tile backsplash to have the flexibility of adapting the kitchen ambiance according to your mood. 

Invest In Bold Bar Stools 

Your walls aren’t the only space where you can introduce a punch of color. Ideas like bold kitchen seating, such as bar stools for the islands or cafe chairs for bistro seating, are the perfect way to show off your favorite bold hue without overwhelming the space. 

Below we’ve rounded up a list of options you can choose from to pull off a balanced and aesthetic kitchen interior. 

Roll Out A Rug 

Being an extremely simple and cost-effective idea, rolling out a rug can liven up your kitchen in no time. What’s more, they come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, making sure you land an option that complements your theme perfectly. 

Just remember to look out for easy-to-clean materials, like a low-pile, braided, or flatweave rug (made of PVC or vinyl) or an indoor/outdoor rug that is water-resistant and durable. 

Pro Tip: Avoid options like cotton or wool rugs that absorb stains easily. 

Choose Colorful Lighting Fixtures 

Installing vibrant lights in your kitchen is a great way to inject a pop of color without creating a hodgepodge. A good rule of thumb is to start by deciding what the color scheme will be and then look for a complementary set of pendant lights to highlight the bright accent colors for a well-put, coherent, and seamless look. Whether you go for blue bulbs or look for colored outer fixtures, either idea will brighten up the space (and your day!). 


Kitchens are no longer reserved strictly for cooking. They have now become a part of a hangout spot, where family conversations unfold over the island and guests hang out on bar stools — and this surely calls for a transformation of your home’s gathering hub with the aforementioned ideas to create a much more refreshing and welcoming room for relaxing and recharging!

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