What Are Bread Boxes? And Do You Need One?

What Are Bread Boxes? And Do You Need One?

Bread is as old as humanity and a staple in many cultures worldwide. Bread is part of who we are. Still, we often mistreat our loaves and croissants and end up eating stale bread — that's where bread boxes come in. 

More than a container, bread boxes are the very first appliance that found its way into our kitchens, after the stove, of course, and they have saved more than one bun from going stale and moldy. Here is all you need to know about bread boxes. We'll also answer the most critical question: Do I need a bread box? 

What are Bread Boxes, anyway?

Bread boxes are just that: wooden boxes around 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep — the right size to fit a few loaves of bread and other goodies. These items became popular in the UK in the late 1800s and soon became fashionable in America. A patent for one of the first commercial bread boxes dates to 1918!

So, what's the purpose of a bread box? Today, industrial bread is loaded with preservatives and other compounds that keep it relatively soft and stable for a few days. Before, bread was meant to be made and consumed daily and had a short shelf-life, just like today’s trendy artisan bread! Bread boxes protect the bread from animals and insects while keeping it moist for at least a few days.

How do bread boxes work? Bread boxes are not only a physical barrier against creepy crawlers but they also trap moisture, preventing the bread from drying out and hardening. 

How to Choose a Bread Box? 

There's more good news. Bread boxes are more available than ever, and they're good-looking, too. Do you want to display your bread behind a glass panel, or do you want to keep it out of sight? How much bread do you consume every week? These questions will help you find the correct bread box for you. These are our favorite bread boxes:

Homekoko Bamboo Corner Bread Box Double Layers. 

This beautiful bread box fits perfectly in your counter's corner, making good use of your kitchen space. With two levels, the bamboo box has a double capacity (for two large loaves or tons of buns). It also has a clear plexiglass window to check on your bread and show off your latest bakes. 

Homoekoko Large Capacity Bread Storage Bin with Cutting Board. 

Now, for a versatile bread box with multiple uses, this large storage bin has two layers, both fitted with plexiglass windows, a chef's knife block and its own cutting board. This handy unit also has shelf space for your favorite condiments. Ideal for smaller kitchens with rustic-chic décor. 

Homekoko 2 Layer Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box. 

There's nothing more classic than a roll-top breadbox, this is the most traditional design, but the roll-top is more than looks. This model has ample bread storage space and a plexiglass window, so it's the best of two worlds – classic and modern. This beauty is made 100% with sustainable bamboo and looks beautiful in bright and dark kitchens. 

The Bottom Line 

Can you live without a bread box? You probably can, but if you eat bread more than once a week, a bread box will make your life easier. Buy a bread box and enjoy bread properly — always moist and fluffy!


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