Best Bar Stool Trends of 2023

Best Bar Stool Trends of 2023

Barstools – in all their forms – have become a staple of the home décor industry. Over the years, they’ve run through multiple trends while branching out from the kitchen and into virtually every room of the house.


From Swivel Bar Stools to Counter Height Stools: It’s a Lifestyle Choice

Maybe it’s down to their ability to blend seamlessly and stylishly into your home’s décor, or perhaps it’s the comfort and convenience factor they add to any living space. Either way, bar table stools are simply a must-have. 

So utterly powerful is the bar stool phenomenon that it’s even become linked to a lifestyle – one of leisure and contemporary convenience that invites family and guests to take a counter height stool, relax, and enjoy the moment. 


Our Take?

At HomeKoko, we’re experts in all things Bar Stools. We watch industry trends and developments closely while keeping our finger on the pulse of home décor, always looking to enhance our bar stools for now and the future. 

Here’s your sneak peek into the bar stool trends we predict for 2023. 

2023 Bar Stool Trends


Shell Back Bar Stools

While 2022 was the year of cut-out backs and no-backed bar stools, we’re now moving gradually into the era of bar stools with backs. This development also just happens to pair well with the more ‘rounded’ and ‘soft-edged’ styles we’re seeing more of, meaning that the interior design stars have aligned to make Shell Back Bar Stools the top bar stool style of 2023.


Overall, these ultra-fashionable and oh-so-comfy counter height stools offer a masterclass in how to slow down and take a moment away from today’s fast-paced lifestyle. While we believe they gel best in living and dining rooms, we won’t deny that they look right at home in any modern or retro-style kitchen.


Square Base Bar Stools

Working on the same premise as Shell Back Bar Stools, Square Base Bar Stools are set to have a moment during the full-back trend of 2023. The sleek lined counter height stools indulge our need for symmetry and geometrically-perfected furniture. They bring a sense of harmony and levity to our living spaces with a contemporary-chic twist. 


And they’re never one-dimensional, either. You can have your pick of several styles, including Diagonally Lined Square Base Bar StoolsDiagonally-Horizontally Lined Square Base Bar Stools, and Box Lined Square Base Bar Stools to match your home’s décor and your lifestyle. 


Sumptuous, Rich Red Bar Stools

Shades of red are set to take over the bar stool scene come next year. This shell back Wine Red Bar Stool is the perfect example of a deep, almost Burgundy red that adds warmth and compassion to even the most minimalistic or light-toned rooms. 

Also Witnessing a boost in popularity are Red’s neighboring shades: Browns and Oranges.

While still a relatively rare sight on the home décor scene, Brown Bar Stools, and Orange Bar Stools promise to make a vividly colorful splash that offers a welcome contrast to the white-toned, simplistic overtones that have dominated interior design trends for almost a decade. 


Blue or Silver Bar Stools

Blue has been steadily climbing its way up the trendy ladder, and we expect to see it blossom fully by next year. Blue has wide-reaching effects depending on the shade and hue. Light blue, such as this Sky Blue Bar Stool, bring lightness and serenity to a room. On the other hand, silver, as seen in this Silver Bar Stool, offers an almost futuristic-chic appeal that adds edge to any room. 


Finally … 

And there you have it – the low-down on 2023 bar stool trends. 


Here at HomeKoko, we’re pretty confident that our predictions will come true, and we’re also delighted that many of the soon-to-be on trends styles also form part of our stylish collection of bar stools for sale. If you’re new to the bar table stool buying game or would like to get it right this time, why not check out our guide to choosing the perfect bar stool for your home?  It’ll guide you through every step of making the right bar stool choice from you and your home!


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